The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) is suing itself and the military

Internal corporate proceedings account for a third of the amounts disputed in arbitrations by the USC companies, and the main "external" opponent of the company is the Ministry of Defense.

Alexander Arbouzov, Partner at Duvernoix Legal, commented on the current litigation practice of the country's largest shipyard owner:

-Although the enterprises are predominantly state-owned, they do not cease to be members in civil law relations. It should be noted that even in Soviet times there was a State Arbitration Court, although disputes in it took place, in fact, between different parts of the same state planning system (there was even the concept of "personalized property", according to which an enterprise is nothing more than a part of state property temporarily allocated from the state and endowed with persons for more effective management). Each enterprise has its own teams, management, and performance indicators. Accordingly, there are operating errors to be considered. Therefore, the arbitration court in this case is a universal way to figure out which team is right and which does not work fine.

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