Vulnerability of valuables in depositories: contradictions and prospects for conflict resolution

Valuables stored in depository safes are deprived of legal protection. At the same time, banks run the risk of encountering unfair actions by their clients. The practice of resolving such disputes remains controversial, and experts express doubts about the possible prospects for resolving this conflict.

According to Anna Yakovleva, Senior Associate at Duvernoix Legal, a client demanding compensation for the damage caused must prove both the fact of the loss of money from the safe deposit box and the amount stolen: "However, taking into account the specifics of the private use of the depository, this may be witness testimony or indirect evidence (documents on withdrawing cash from accounts, receiving them under an agreement, currency exchange and others)".

In turn, Anna Yakovleva believes that in order to protect the secrets of other clients, the bank has the right to request that the court, after reviewing the originals, attaches only depersonalized lists to the case materials.

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