Ex-co-owner of the "Prime Finance" bank faces half a billion penalty

The criminal case against the ex-co-owner of the bank Mikhail Tabunov and the cashier of the bank has been submitted for consideration to the Kalininskiy District Court of St. Petersburg. The investigation accuses them of embezzling about 430 million rubles from the bank's cash register.

Karina Sidorova, Head of the Duvernoix Legal's Crisis Management and Bankruptcy Practice and Tabunov's representative, commented on the case:

"The main claim to the shareholder was filed by the Deposit Insurance Agency (hereinafter - the DIA) in a civil lawsuit in a criminal case. But, apparently, the Agency has difficulties in proving the corpus delicti, namely, the theft of cash from the cash register. Probably because of these difficulties, the DIA decided to state similar arguments in the bank's bankruptcy case in order to ease the burden of proof by using bankruptcy presumptions."

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