St. Petersburg businessman acquires “Norma-Energoatom” – a manufacturer of equipment for the repair of nuclear power plants

Alexander Arbouzov, Partner at Duvernoix Legal, noted that the acquisition of a new business is a current trend. “The activity of commercial transactions, which dropped to almost zero after the start of the special operation, recovered when the new rules of the game became clear, primarily in terms of restrictions on transactions with securities and making payments to foreign partners,” the lawyer says.

Alexander Arbouzov presumes that, contrary to popular belief, most of the transactions in recent months have not been related to the sale of their businesses by outgoing foreign owners, although there are many of them. “These are ordinary acquisitions and co-investments – businessmen invest their own and attracted funds from banks in new enterprises, even expanding the types of usual activities. They see this as the most reliable way to save money,” the expert concluded.

Source: Vedomosti
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