LLC "Novaya Gavan" flees from sanctions to the Seychelles

"The Seychelles are not among the states recognized as unfriendly. There are no sanctions, no practice of taking away the assets of Russians. At the same time, the registers of shareholders are not public. Of course, foreign beneficiaries are forced to reveal themselves when opening accounts in Russian banks and obtaining permission from the antimonopoly service to make major transactions, but relative anonymity is preserved, so to speak, for unscrupulous interested parties.

Taxation in the Seychelles, like all offshore companies, is zero. When receiving dividends from a Russian subsidiary, a Seychelles company pays 15% to the Russian budget, and that's it. And the Seychelles are also part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, where sound English corporate law is subsidiarily applied - everything that is not regulated by Seychelles laws is taken directly from the legal sources of Great Britain. This is another advantage of the Seychelles jurisdiction," the lawyer concludes.

Source: 47 news
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