BestBreakfast on coworking and modern office spaces took place on June 23

Alexander Arbouzov, Partner and Head of Corporate Practice, answered the question "What factors from the point of view of legal practice will affect the office market?":

"First of all, we expect an increase in the risks of insolvency of tenants. A large amount of work in our litigation practice (which, by the way, took first place in the North-West ratings) shows that this is a common trend for all spheres. Oddly enough, this is also facilitated by the moratorium on bankruptcy from April 1 till October 1. As a result, we expect increased requirements for new tenants, primarily in terms of checking their payment reputation. On the other hand, the appearance of free space leads to the landlords becoming more flexible when agreeing the terms of lease agreements with new tenants, ready to adapt to their needs (especially anchor tenants). We have often seen this when representing the interests of tenant clients in other regions. It is already less common to hear from landlords their favorite phrase: "This is our standard lease agreement, we will not change anything."

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