Court proceedings between the Ministry of Defense and "Severnaya Verf" have ended

Instead of the amount of 1.3 billion rubles requested for recovery in three lawsuits, the Ministry of Defense was able to sue the shipyard for only 8,156 million rubles.

Alexander Arbouzov, Duvernoix Legal's Partner and Head Corporate Practice, believes that problems in the relationship between the parties arose not at the time of the final acceptance of the work, but from the very beginning - when providing ships for maintenance.

"Maybe the customer delayed the corvettes transferring, and as a result, the contractor was not able to do the job on time. Actually, that's probably why the court refused to recover money from the shipyard for the delay. After all, if the customer is in no hurry to provide the object for maintenance, and the contract does not provide for a deadline, then legally the contractor remains to shift the deadlines - there is nothing to work with, the scope of work, so to speak, is not provided," the lawyer explains, emphasizing that the contractor should not suffer from the customer's slowness.

Source: Vedomosti
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