Yuri Trusov, one of the most famous poultry businessmen, ended in bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy of Yuri Trusov, one of the most influential businessmen in the poultry industry, is at the final stage. The entrepreneur's property has already been sold at auction. However, the main asset, Lenoblptitseprom, which is in receivership, will probably not find a buyer soon, since the market situation and the condition of the asset do not contribute to this.

According to the Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information, at the end of last year, part of Yuri Trusov's real estate was sold at auction. Half of the garden house in the Voeykovo village of Leningrad region, was sold for 3 million rubles.

The buyer of the property was the businessman's wife - Ulyana Trusova. Lawyers were not surprised by the family deal. "The share in the right to real estate put up for auction was probably the share remaining with Trusov after the division of joint property with his wife. The share owner has the pre-emptive right to purchase the asset at the price formed at the auction. Probably, this is the case," says Karina Sidorova, Head of the Duvernoix Legal Crisis Management and Bankruptcy Practice. She clarified that this is the way the spouses retain property in the family. "This is relevant when people are in good relationships, but sometimes it happens even between those who broke up in a bad way," she adds.

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