Bankruptcy claim of the Baltic Methanol project.

The Baltic Methanol company of billionaire Ilya Traber has received a bankruptcy claim. The experts have decided to find out how this will affect its implementation.

According to JSC "UK "NIK Razvitie", the bankruptcy application was filed with the court without any signs of insolvency, and therefore it is subject to rejection.

Marina Tokmakova, Head of the Duvernoix Legal real estate practice, believes that if the court decides not to dismiss the bankruptcy claim, Baltic Methanol investors will have to spend time searching for or creating a new management company for the Window to Europe CEIF. According to the expert, the property of the CEIF is not the property of the management company and is not affected by its bankruptcy. "In case of bankruptcy of the Management Company, the mutual investment fund passes under the control of another management company, if this is provided for by the rules of trust management, or ceases to operate. In addition, the law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)" applies the features of the bankruptcy of financial organizations to the management company - the bankruptcy procedure of the management company will be supervised by the Central Bank," says Marina Tokmakova.

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