Working with Oleg Tinkov, gangster 1990s and investments in cinema

While studying at St. Petersburg State University, he witnessed how students booed Anatoly Sobchak. Smolny entrusted him, a young graduate of the Law Faculty, to represent the interests of the city administration in a high-profile political case in the Supreme Court. After the civil service, he worked in the team of Oleg Tinkov at the position of the employee, who had been shot on the street shortly before. His only hobby is cinema. In the near future, a British film will be released, shot, in particular, with his money. By the way, in London he keeps in terms with a representative of the ancient aristocratic family of the Golitsyns. And yes, he told Business FM Petersburg that he plans to leave the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kirovsky Zavod” and intends to rename the Duvernoix Legal law firm. Egor Noskov is the guest of the program "Let's discuss!" with Maxim Morozov.

Source: Business FM
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