State Duma adopts a new law on foreign agents

Alexander highlighted the possibility of termination of the status of a foreign agent under a number of conditions as one of the advantages. At the same time, he was concerned about the definition of "foreign agent". He fears that due to the vague wording, the list may include persons who fall under the definition according to formal criteria, but in fact are not foreign agents. According to the lawyer, a simple indication that the issue is considered by the court in each specific case (although now the decision to recognize a person as a foreign agent is made by the authorized body, and it can only be appealed after the fact) would hardly change anything. The court is most likely to be guided by formal criteria.

The expert also added that the restrictions will complicate the work of the mass media — both the media and ordinary journalists, although not critically. They will be more careful about the sources of financing and indicate guarantees of the absence of foreign funds in the contracts.

Source: Pravo.ru
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