Sergey Kolesnikov, the author of the letter about "Putin's palace", sells a business center in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg entrepreneur has put up for sale one of his assets - 66% of the shares of Everest LLC. An eight-storey business center on Kondratievskiy Prospekt with an area of about 8000 sq. m, owned by this legal entity, is for sale at a price 3 times lower than the market price. It is interesting to note that Kolesnikov had previously been declared bankrupt twice.

According to Alexander Arbouzov, Partner of the Duvernoix Legal law firm, the sale of the object may be complicated by the fact that Kolesnikov is under bankruptcy procedure. "A potential buyer will have to check the status of a bankruptcy case and weigh the risks of a subsequent reversal of the transaction because of it," the lawyer says.

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