Lawyers of Duvernoix Legal have confirmed their leadership in a number of nominations of the "Recommended lawyers" rating by "Pravo.ru-300".

Duvernoix Legal lawyers have confirmed their leading positions in the "Recommended Lawyers" rating by "Pravo.ru-300":

  • Egor Noskov - Group II Corporate Law/Mergers;
  • Igor Gushchev - Group II Corporate Law/Mergers;
  • Alexander Arbouzov - II Group Corporate Law/Mergers;

Natalia Afanasyeva has been awarded in two categories at once: Group I Arbitration proceedings (major disputes) and group II Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction.

The lawyers included in the recommended list played a leading role in the projects that received the highest rating in the main rating by "Pravo.ru-300".

Source: Pravo.ru
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