On March 2, BestBreakfast on innovations for real estate took place

Senior Partner Igor Gushchev and Head of Real Estate Practice Marina Tokmakova took part in the event.

BestBreakfast on innovations for real estate: from development to management, took place on March 2.

The current geopolitical and economic transformations dictate new realities for the real estate industry. Igor Gushchev, Senior Partner of Duvernoix Legal, spoke on how the current economic situation and sanctions will affect the development of innovations in Russia:

"Under the circumstances, when the legislation is changing every day, of course, it is impossible to make any forecasts. One can only assume that using the tools of English law and the previously familiar authoritative arbitration centers will be much more difficult in the foreseeable future, and maybe even impossible. Nevertheless, a lot of successful experience has been accumulated in using Russian law in transactions to attract investments in innovative companies, since the civil law reform has enriched Russian legislation with modern tools that were previously inherent only in foreign, mainly English law. In addition, market participants can resort to alternative centers for carrying out international operations, as well as for the consideration of international disputes related to investments, for example, the UAE, which, among other things, has successfully established itself as a hub for working with Iran."

Source: Best Group
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