Krylovsky Research Center is about to transfer the recreation center in Luga district to the state

Marina Tokmakova, Head of Real Estate and Tax Practice, believes that the current value of the "Natalino" recreation center equals to the land plot due to the abandoned condition ($10 million). With proper condition, developed infrastructure and stable revenue, the expert's estimate is $25-30 million.

"It is surprising and sad that such an object is lost, especially during the pandemic, when there was a brisk demand for a variety of suburban real estate. This year, the cost of renting an economy class room in Luga district of Leningrad region starts from 2 thousand rubles per day, multiplied by the number of rooms plus related services (billiards, sauna, other entertainment). The proceeds would be enough to maintain the base and create new jobs. I think, in good hands, “Natalino” is able to bring up to 3 million rubles a year of net profit ..." – the expert says.


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