Employees of “Baltiysky Zavod” are not allowed to work without QR codes, certificates and medical exemptions.

On January 17, employees of “Baltiysky Zavod” having no QR codes, certificates and medical exemptions were not allowed to the enterprise. The day before they were notified of their suspension from work, which caused a flurry of discontent at the entrance of the plant.

According to employees, the employer’s actions are illegal, but lawyers are skeptical about the prospects of antivaxers. "Formally, they are right. Indeed, regulations restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens cannot be introduced at the regional level. This is directly written in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. But in this case we are dealing with a force majeure situation — a global epidemic. It is obvious that the city authorities have taken such an unpopular measure, with the blessing of the political leadership of the state, realizing that they will not be punished for it," said to RBC Petersburg Egor Noskov, a member of the St. Petersburg City Bar Association, managing partner of the Duvernoix Legal law firm.

Source: RBK
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