Egor Noskov: "Legal Results of the Year" within criminal law practice.

Egor Noskov, Managing Partner of the Duvernoix Legal law firm, shared his opinion on the Russian business emigrants returning to their homeland. He talked about the reluctance of American investors to leave the Russian Federation, despite the risk of arrest, and noted where the investment climate is really bad on Earth, as well as what should and should not be done in Russia.

"Those clients who managed to leave the borders of the Russian Federation usually still remain deeply unhappy, since they worry about losing the status of significant members of their community - wealthy people, business leaders, and turning out to be abroad, at best, just ordinary people. There is no team, no staff, and sometimes - no language proficiency. That conditional joy from the fact that they won't come to detain you at six in the morning is overshadowed by such seemingly purely mundane moments. I personally know precedents when people deliberately returned and were detained right at the airport, though they hoped that it would not happen, but, weighing the risks, decided that the return was a better option. One of my clients, after serving his sentence, even told me that he did not regret anything, because abroad he was like in prison. So there is no happiness anywhere."

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