Cases of corporate disputes resolved by the Supreme Court in 2022

Tamara Komarova, who owns a 40% share in LLC “TK Yuzhny”, filed a lawsuit against the company, asking for information about transactions with certain persons. She also requested judicial measures to ensure the proper execution of the court's decision. Although some of the claims were satisfied by the courts, the Supreme Court reversed the decision, noting the change in the status of the plaintiff, since she had already left the company and received compensation for her share.

Egor Noskov, Managing Partner of Duvernoix Legal:

"The right to information is a right that an LLC member has by virtue of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the federal law on limited liability companies. After termination of membership in the company the former member lost the right to provide such information. For that reason the Supreme Court overturned the decision to recover the penalty."

Source: RBC.pro
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