BestBreakfast on formats and new ideas in real estate was held on January 26.

On January 26, the PROVIANT restaurant hosted the annual business breakfast for top officials and top managers of BestBreakfast companies on current formats and new ideas in real estate "Live. Work. Learn in the concept of well-being." The participants discussed which new real estate formats have appeared over the past year and which formats meet new trends and the concept of well-being.

Marina Tokmakova, head of the real estate practice at Duvernoix Legal, recalled the legislative changes of 2021-2022 that will affect the business of developers, including changes in the registration of rights and cadastral accounting, changes in the work of the urban planning commission of St. Petersburg, which will affect the timing of approval of projects, including apartment hotels, and other important changes for developers that will affect the cost of construction.

Source: RBC+
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