According to the State Housing Inspectorate, collapsed plaster and cracks in houses should not disturb citizens not residing there

In response to a complaint about the collapse of the plaster and a crack on the facade of the house at 21/60 Angliyskiy Prospekt, St. Petersburg, a Petersburger Igor Semenov received a letter of the following content. Dangerous defects appeared in a place where an illegal redevelopment was carried out with a violation of the integrity of the load-bearing wall of the basement floor of a 6-storey residential building.

Marina Tokmakova, Head of Investment and Real Estate Practice at Duvernoix Legal, also finds the statement of the State Housing Inspectorate strange.

“Based on the response of the State Housing Inspectorate, it can be assumed that the fact of the destruction of the facade in the house at 21/60 Angliyskiy Prospekt was recorded by the said authority earlier, which should be confirmed by an inspection report. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain such a statement on the part of a state body. Of course, the cause of the destruction on the facade can only be established by conducting an appropriate examination, generally, illegal redevelopment and destruction of the facade can be two different cases,” the expert says.

Source: Fontanka.ru
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