Who is responsible for fulfilling the obligations of withdrawing firms?

Customers and private consumers may become victims of the departure of foreign companies. Warranty obligations for already sold goods are now likely to fall on the shoulders of Russian partners. However, experts believe that foreign companies will not be able to escape responsibility just like that.

Experts doubt that foreign owners of organizations registered in our country will be able to withdraw from their obligations: "The founder simply will not be allowed to liquidate a legal entity without executed contracts or compensation to counterparties for all losses and payment of fines for breach of obligations. If the company's own funds are insufficient, the foreign founder will have to fork out. I would not recommend liquidating through bankruptcy in the current situation: from the high stands they have already quite clearly warned all such comers that law enforcement agencies will check companies in each such case for signs of deliberate bankruptcy in their actions," says Alexander Arbouzov, Partner and Head of the Corporate practice of the Duvernoix Legal law firm.

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