Duvernoix Legal's team in Best Lawyers international legal rating

Duvernoix Legal’s partners and lawyers are noted by the Best Lawyers international legal rating (an international rating agency that annually forms a list of the best lawyers in the world based on reviews from colleagues in the profession).

The rating noted:
- Natalia Afanaseva in “Arbitration and Mediation”,
- Igor Guschev in “Construction Law”,
- Natalia Afanaseva, Igor Guschev, Egor Noskov, Nadezhda Znamenskaya and Alexander Arbouzov in “Corporate Law”
- Karina Epifantseva in “Insolvency and Reorganization Law”
- Igor Guschev and Egor Noskov in “Mergers and Acquisitions Law”
- Olga Batura, Igor Guschev and Alexander Arbouzov in “Real Estate Law”

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