Alexander Arbouzov, Duvernoix Legal’s partner, gave his forecast regarding the resolution of the corporate conflict between “Nornickel” shareholders.

The environmental disaster in Norilsk catalyzed a corporate conflict between the shareholders of Nornickel. UC Rusal, founded by Oleg Deripaska, demanded that the Board of Directors of Norniсkel and Vladimir Potanin change their management due to the accident in Norilsk. Before that, for several years, two large Russian entrepreneurs sued each other for the shares in the Siberian enterprise.

Alexander Arbouzov, Duvernoix Legal’s partner, expressed his opinion on the case. The partner also draws attention to the public form of statement of “Rusal”. In order to avoid further damage to the company, he advises to conduct private negotiations and calmly, but clearly (with specific facts and figures) determine who and to what extent from the Board of Directors and management (since the shareholders are represented in the management unequally) is responsible for what happened. According to Alexander Arbouzov, at the same time it is necessary to adopt a single agreed position on the incident for its demonstration in the media: "To make it clear that there are no insoluble contradictions in the company, all issues will be resolved."

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Source: Pravo.ru
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