Pulkovo international airportNew terminal of Pulkovo project
About the client

In 2009 the Government of St. Petersburg and LLC "Air Gates of the Northern Capital" signed an agreement on the modernization of Pulkovo Airport. That agreement was one of the first successful examples of public-private partnership in Russia.


The first phase of the project was carried out at the expense of shareholders, using the company's own funds and funds borrowed from the largest international commercial banks.

Role of Duvernoix Legal

During the construction of Pulkovo Airport, Duvernoix Legal was engaged in full legal support of the general contractor, including: conducting risk analysis, development of projects and support of agreements with subcontractors. The permanent work of Duvernoix Legal’s specialists on the construction site provided prompt legal support to the client's specialists on-site, claim and judicial work, and consultation on all legal issues.

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