The specialists of Duvernoix Legal’s tax department provide legal support for both legal entities and individuals. The main activities of the tax practice lawyers include advising on tax law, tax structuring of companies’ activities, settlement of tax disputes and assessment of risks and possible tax consequences, as well as accounting and tax accounting for companies.

Main services include:

Work with legal entities:


  • analysis of the tax consequences of the Clients’ transactions, development of the best way to carry out the transaction;
  • advising on issues related to participation in international transactions;
  • tax structuring of investment projects and transactions;accounting and tax accounting of the Clients’ companies, making payments;
  • representation of the Clients’ companies to the tax authorities;
  • settlement of issues related to the arrears of the Clients’ companies;
  • conducting tax audits of the Clients’ companies regarding possible claims from the tax authorities;
  • development of options for correcting identified errors with minimal losses for the Client;
  • legal support of the Clients’ companies in the course of the field, cameral tax inspections;
  • appeal of non-regulatory acts of tax authorities, their actions (inaction) in administrative, judicial order;
  • development of the most efficient operation of the Clients’ companies from the point of view of tax legislation.


Work with individuals:


  • planning of transactions and development of efficient options for the Clients.
  • preparation and submission of personal income tax returns;
  • preparation of notifications on participation in foreign organizations and notification on controlled foreign companies
  • advising on tax consequences in Russia arising from the presence of controlled foreign companies, investment portfolios and other assets abroad. 
  • solution of issues on transport, land and personal income tax;
  • representation of Clients to the tax authorities.
Some implemented projects in the field of tax law:
  • Financial amnesty for capitals and companies abroad;
  • Tax-free liquidation of CFC and tax declaration of assets in Russia;
  • Advising a multinational corporation-producer of household chemicals on tax legislation related to the current activities of the company.
  • Legal support of the current activities of the Finnish construction group of companies on tax legislation.
  • Successful completion of the VAT refund arbitration dispute for the Finnish construction group of companies. For the first time, a practice to reimburse VAT paid before tax registration was established in favor of a taxpayer – a foreign company.
  • Resolution of issues related to the out of court VAT refund for one of the leaders in the global confectionery market.