Practice services include:


CFC Administration

  • Submission of notification of CFC membership
  • Drawing up and submission of annual CFC notifications
  • Preparation of reports according to IFRS standards

Tax consulting

  • Preparation and submission of 3-NDFL declarations
  • Assessment of tax risks for transactions on foreign personal accounts
  • Assessment of tax risks when changing tax residence

Currency control

  • Consulting on currency regulation in the Russian Federation
  • Assessment of currency risks when performing currency transactions using bank accounts in foreign
  • Preparation and submission of annual reports on foreign accounts

Structuring family assets

  • Drawing up a prenuptial agreement
  • Analysis of the model for transferring rights to assets in case of divorce

Inheritance of assets

  • Development of an inheritance concept for assets in the Russian Federation and in foreign jurisdictions
  • Administration of inheritance procedures in foreign jurisdictions (real estate, bank accounts, shares in
  • Registration of family foundations in foreign jurisdictions
  • Development of the concept of personal and inheritance fund according to the legislation of the Russian
  • Development of the concept of a will both in the Russian Federation and in foreign jurisdictions

Foreign assets

  • Yacht registration
  • Support of transactions with foreign real estate

Immigration services

  • Administration of the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in foreign jurisdictions (Spain, Hungary,
    Cyprus, Panama, Turkey, UAE)
  • Development of a model for the change of tax residence

Registration of companies abroad

  • UAE
  • Turkey
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Kazakhstan
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand