Duvernoix Legal's lawyers in the white-collar crime have extensive experience in representing clients. We specialize in the criminal defense of businesses, their beneficiaries and top managers.

Duvernoix Legal`s lawyers provide full legal support on the following issues:
  • Criminal defense of entrepreneurs in economic and corruption cases (illegal banking, illegal business, “tax” compositions, deliberate and fraudulent bankruptcy);
  • Protection, consulting and administration of criminal defense in the sphere of crimes against the state power, interests of the state service and service in bodies;
  • Full legal support of persons in cases relating to crimes against the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen (violation of privacy, violation of the inviolability of the home, violation of labor protection requirements, violation of copyright and related rights);
  • Protection of interests of the citizens accused of crimes against public security (organization of a criminal community, repeated violation of the established order of organization or holding of meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or pickets, riots);
  • Conducting criminal cases in the field of computer information crimes (attempted information security of a computer system (cyberattacks), illegal access to computer information, illegal transfer of data, etc.);
  • Criminal defense of citizens in the sphere of activity in commercial and other organizations (abuse of power, commercial bribery);
  • Management of criminal cases in the field of environmental crimes;
  • Management of administrative (Administrative Code) cases;
  • Administration of the criminal defense of Russians abroad.