About service:

In conducting business, large companies regularly have to deal with issues that fall under the regulation of Russian Competition Legislation. Duvernoix Legal’s lawyers provide comprehensive legal support of transactions, the registration and approval of which should be carried out in the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). The main services of the company include the preparation and submission of applications and notifications to the FAS, legal support for the creation, reorganization and liquidation of organizations, support of transactions for the sale and purchase of shares / participatory interest of companies in accordance with the norms of competition law.

Basic services:
  • preparation and submission of notifications and petitions to the FAS;
  • legal support of obtaining the preliminary consent of the antimonopoly authority for the transaction;
  • representation of clients in the FAS of Russia and its territorial bodies;
  • preparation of legal opinions on competition legislation.
Implemented projects:
  • Support in coordination with the FAS of Russia for the creation of an assembly plant in the North-Western region – a subdivision of the foreign auto manufacturer;
  • Legal support of coordination with the FAS of Russia for the purchase of the Podolsk dairy plant by the large Russian producer Talosto;
  • Legal support for coordination with the FAS of Russia for the acquisition of a large real estate complex by a Russian mobile operator;
  • Legal support of the large oil and gas company in obtaining FAS approval for the acquisition of real estate in the Russian Federation;
  • • Legal advice on competition legislation for a Russian mobile operator in connection with the acquisition of two telecommunication companies.